Why Yoga?

Yoga gives us body strength, flexibility, an improved posture and a myriad of health benefits.

But yoga is so much more…

As we go about our daily lives in this modern, technology driven world, it is easy to lose our connectedness with the earth, nature and ourselves. A yoga practice gives us the space to listen and reconnect with nature’s wisdom. Allowing us to feel grounded, stable, and peaceful.

 “This reunification with nature lies at the heart of the true healing power of yoga practice”

– Donna Farhi

Yoga unifies our body, our mind and our spirit.

Sue is a 500 hour trained, certified yoga teacher and yoga therapist from the Northern Beaches of Sydney.


"Sue was fabulous. The pace was just right, the attention to individuals was appropriate as was the language for beginners."

- Stephen H


Sue teaches a variety of classes including public, private, corporate and retreats.


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