Sue is a 500 hour trained, certified yoga teacher from the Northern Beaches of Sydney. She works out of the Yoga & Health Collective in Mona Vale and the Avalon Yoga Co-op. She is an accredited member of Yoga Australia and the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA).

Providing a safe environment in all her yoga classes, Sue uses props and modifications so that all students gain the full therapeutic benefit of yoga poses.

Coming into yoga because of injury, she has personal experience in working through physical limitations whilst remaining mobile and building strength. This insight into the challenges posed by joint, tendon and muscle restriction, coupled with study and keeping abreast of latest developments in yoga therapy, allow Sue to provide individual assistance within a group class setting.

With her interest in Pranayama techniques, Sue explores the power of the breath in keeping us centred and enhancing the personal yoga practice of her students.

Her classes focus on alignment, breath and having fun!


"Sue has the perfect supportive manner to encourage and improve your yoga practice"

- Katy M